Looking to break into tech? The Align program provides a direct path to a Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) for non-computer science majors without programming experience. As a CS Align student, you’ll take advantage of rigorous academic bridge courses that prepare you for master’s level coursework. You’ll also gain real-world work experience through a co-op or internship at one of our many industry partners—including firms like Amazon, Google, and Zillow. Align is a unique way to launch a rewarding career in a dynamic, high-demand, fast-growing field.



The Power of a MSCS

The Align MSCS equips students across disciplines with the knowledge and practical skills they need to transition into computer science, regardless of their background and bachelor’s degree. In fact, high-tech employers actively seek employees with different backgrounds as a way to bring diversity of thought to their organizations. There’s never been a better time to make the leap into CS and a tech career:

  • High demand – Job demand expected to grow 12-28 percent in the next five years
  • Rising salaries – Average starting salary is $100K
  • More diversity – The industry values diverse backgrounds and perspectives

How Align works

Full-time students typically complete the Align MSCS in 2-2.5 years, which includes 6-8 months of work experience at one of our partner companies. All classes are held in the evening to allow students with full- or part-time jobs to participate. The Align MSCS comprises:

How the Align degree works

Explore the Align MSCS curriculum.

Align also offers a hybrid option, where students begin the program at one of our four regional campuses in Boston, Charlotte, Seattle, or Silicon Valley, and then complete it online or at another campus.

The Co-op Difference

The CCIS co-op provides an opportunity you won’t find at other graduate programs. For six to eight months, you’ll gain valuable work experience and career connections at one of our more than 500 industry partners across the globe. All while getting paid to offset tuition. Even better, many students are offered full-time jobs by their co-op employers after graduation.

An Affordable Master’s Degree

The Align MSCS program is designed to be affordable. Students typically offset tuition by earning $30-$40K while on co-op and serving as TAs or tutors for the college. A majority of our students receive scholarships—such as the Break Into Tech Scholarship which covers your first semester tuition. Plus, 100 percent of students find employment following graduation.

Here’s what Align MSCS students are saying:

“Seeing the value of having a background in engineering or computer science prompted me to seek out a way to get that experience. This program was my way.”

– Andrew Dickens

BA Business, MBA, Align MSCS ’17


“I studied journalism and political science, and this is a very fast-moving program, but I never felt like I was alone or struggling. I always felt very supported. And now I’m super confident. So many people who graduated from this program are now working for some of the largest tech companies. It’s really awesome. I’m so glad I made this decision.”

– Alice Day

BA Communications and Political Science, Align MSCS ’18